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What are the benefits to having a property manager?
At Clients First Realty, LLC (PMD), we treat your property as if it were our own and relieve you of the following tasks:
We handle the collection of rents, late fees, and rental tax each month. All maintenance requests are taken care of by our staff. Drive-by inspections are completed to protect your investment. We deliver accurate and simple accounting reports that you have access to online through your "Owner Portal" 24/7 plus we provide annual 1099's for your tax returns as well. We re-rent your property quickly to reduce vacancy and inspect the property inside and out at least once during the lease term (our pool, pest and yard vendors also do spot inspections and report back to us). Prospective tenants are carefully screened and your approval is required prior to occupancy and lease signing. Our office handles the legal processing of eviction with one of Arizona's top law firms. Most importantly, we are LICENSED REALTORS who handle the completion of leasing documents to help protect you, your investment and your tenants.
When do I receive my proceeds from the rent?
Proceeds are processed on or before the 30th of the month. We do offer direct deposit of these funds if that is more convenient for you. Your real time statements are online and available 24/7. In an effort to provide you with your funds quickly we do strive to get these funds out on the 20th of the month, but there may be cases where delays occur that are out of our control, such as a late payment by a tenant, weekends, bank holidays, etc.
How do I pay for work needing to be done at the property?
In most cases, when there is rental income on the property (the property is occupied) then the tenants rental payment will help compensate for any repairs needed. We do require each owner have a reserve account of $500 or $200 with a home warranty on deposit with Clients First Realty, LLC (PMD) for repairs that may arise at the property; especially when the property is not generating income. Any major repairs over $500 will require owner approval, unless it is an emergency, and if additional funds are needed then the owner will pay the vendor directly or supply the additional funds to Clients First Realty, LLC (PMD) to pay the vendor repairs. Again, each owner will have access to their statement online through their "Owner Portal" 24/7 (each owner will be instructed by their personal Property Manager on how to access their "Owner Portal") that reflects any income and expenses for the month plus any income generated throughout the year will be reflected on the 1099 for tax purposes.
How quickly can a tenant be evicted if they don't pay rent?
In Arizona, the laws are very strict with regard to payment and while there are proper procedures to follow, most evictions can take 35 - 45 days from start to finish. In the event there are special circumstances, like bankruptcy, then the timeframe can be extended. With Clients First Realty, LLC (PMD), if a tenant does not pay rent by the 1st then the eviction process is started by the 3rd of the month. Fees for the eviction are assessed to the tenants account, but in the event their costs outweigh the deposit, then the owner will need to provide the compensation. Any outstanding account balances or judgments against the tenant will be forwarded to them for immediate payment and failure to do so will result in their account being turned over to collections and the judgment being filed against their credit.
What if I want to visit the property while the tenants are occupying?
Please contact our office with your plans and we'll send notice to the tenants regarding the inspection. In most cases, we do require prior notice (minimum 5 days) prior to entering the property per Tenant's Rights in Arizona.
What do I have to do to start management?
We will need the management contract completed, keys to your property, any tenant information/leasing documents if the property is occupied, and your reserve funds and start up fee to begin. Once all these items are received, we'll start management that same business day! If you are switching management companies, we'll need your current company’s information to handle the transfer.
What does management cost?
Our monthly management fee is $79 or 6% of the monthly rent whichever is greater (fees start after 1st tenant has been procured).
There is a $0 property management cancellation fee.
For Clients First Realty, LLC (PMD) to procure a new tenant for the vacant property there is a $0 for sign and website leasing or $395 flat for MLS leasing involving another REALTOR. This fee is normally paid out of the tenant's first month's rent.
All annual tenant leases come with a 6 month guarantee. If tenant moves out in the 1st 6 months Client First Realty, LLC will re-lease at no charge to the landlord.
Annual based lease renewals $100 ... (NO renewal fee for month to month leases)
To begin management and accounting service, there is a minimum start-up processing fee. Any additional properties from the same owner will have a $50.00 additional one-time fee for records, documents and accounting ledgers that must be kept on each separate property.
We DO NOT markup repair costs; some management companies do.
Renewal of the management contract is completed at no cost to the owner as we welcome and appreciate your business. You are our "FIRST" and most valuable asset.
Laurie Leonard
Director of Property Management
Clients First Realty, LLC
2730 W Agua Fria Fwy., Ste 102 ... Phoenix, AZ 85027-7202
602-315-1113 or 623-455-3656 or 1-877-669-8881
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