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Clients First Realty Referral Company, LLC


¬What is a ‘Referral Company’? … Clients First Realty Referral Company is a real estate company licensed in the State of Arizona

¬What is a ‘Referring Agent’? … An Arizona licensed real estate agent who chooses to do real estate part-time and prefers to ‘Refer’ clients to a full-time real estate professional

¬Can an inactive agent receive a referral fee and/or a commission? … YES and NO … Yes, if the agent was legally active when the transaction went under contract … NO, if the agent was inactive when the transaction went under contract

¬What kind of referrals can be made? … Residential, Commercial & Property Management

¬What are some of the expenses that a ‘Referring Agent’ eliminates? … MLS Fees … Local, State & National Association Dues … Signage Costs … Lock Boxes … Marketing Fees … Website Hosting … Email Campaigns … Internet Advertising … Automobile Up Keep and Repairs … Fuel Expense … Printing Expense … Your Own Personal Hourly Expense Being Involved with Clients

¬Where can agents refer clients? … An active licensed Arizona real estate agent can make referrals anywhere in the United States and in some cases Internationally

¬What are some of the benefits to a ‘Referring Agent’? … Keeping involved with your clients … receiving commissions … reducing expenses … staying active in real estate …freeing up personal time … letting your education and networking efforts  continue to work for you … professional full-time staff …virtual and physical office availability … working smarter, not harder

¬What are some of the benefits to a full-time agent? … a continual flow of listings, sales, rental, lease and property management leads from your referring agents … as the full-time agent’s base of referring agents increase, potential sales increase … the ‘Referring Agent’ / Full-Time Agent relationship is the foundation of strong networking 

¬Can active or inactive agents be paid directly by a client? … NO, all agents must be paid through an employing broker … “The referral fee is paid from broker to broker. An agent cannot receive a referral fee directly from a licensed entity. All referral fees are paid to the broker. All referral fee agreements are between cooperating brokers. A broker will then pay the agent.”

¬Who negotiates the referral fees? … Usually the referral fee is negotiated between the ‘Referring Agent’ and the full-time agent accepting the referral

¬When are referral fees due and payable? … Only after the transaction has successfully closed

¬Are there any benefits referring to a connected real estate organization under the same corporate umbrella? … Normally the ‘Referring Agent’ receives a higher referring commission … more control … faster proceed processing … less confusion to the clients

¬Can anybody become a ‘Referring Agent’? … Yes, once you have obtained your Arizona real estate license you are eligible to become an active ‘Referring Agent’

¬Is it difficult to get my real estate license? … No, if you are aggressive you can complete the 90 hours course requirements in 9 days … however, scheduling and testing can take you a few days more

¬Is it expensive to get my real estate license? … This is based on which schools you enroll in as well as the timeline program you agree too … normally your expense is $500 to $800, which includes your testing

¬Can you help with school & getting a license? … We do have ways to save you some dollars on your school tuition and we offer private tutoring to help with testing requirements … once you have passed your test,  the licensing process is very simple

¬As a ‘Referring Agent’ can I buy or sell my personal property? … Yes, by referring the transaction to a full-time agent you will be able to receive commission unless the paying of a principal is blocked by a governmental or lender requirement or statute

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